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2020: A change management masterclass?

If learning from experience is one of the best forms of learning and development, then this year is surely proving a masterclass in change management. Here are five teaching points.


The COVID-19 Communication Repertoire now available as a PDF

The COVID-19 Communication Repertoire has been updated and is now available as a free download. The new format is divided into 8 topics.

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Putting employees first

In dealing with COVID-19 we have seen at first-hand how communicating effectively with staff can save lives and keep people safe. It has moved from being something that organisations should do, to something that is central to the effective running of the business.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Resources for communication professionals 

We created a COVID-19 Communication Repertoire where we are compiling resources provided by trusted sources of information, to help practitioners deal with this unprecedented crisis.  


Results of the State of the Sector 2020 are out 

Gatehouse, a Gallengher Company, released the results of the State of the Sector 2020 conducted around the globe a few months ago. 


Trois questions fondamentales

Durant son allocution à la conférence Communication interne, organisée par événements Les Affaires, à Montréal, Liam FitzPatrick a posé trois questions fondamentales aux participants. Les détails dans notre article.

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How a lack of business knowledge hurts communications professionals

Communications professionals lack sufficient business knowledge. As a result, an ever-coveted say in strategic company decisions continues to remain a distant dream for many.


Research Brief Series

The practice of IC | A look inside organizations - Part 1

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 9 -  This edition features eight communication professionals/ executives from six industries: Airlines/Aviation, Automotive, Building Materials, Chemicals, Computer Software, and Construction. Each participant explains what the practice of internal communication looks like in their own organization, with an emphasis on 5 key topics. 


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Corporate Activism:

Research, case studies & solutions to address a rising trend

A welcome resource for communication professionals challenged with corporate activism: Corporate Activism: research, case studies and solutions for communicators to address a rising trend.  


The Business Value of Strategic IC 

Interview with Tali Dulin

What does the practice of strategic internal communication look like at Teva Pharmaceutical? An interview with Tali Dulin, Head of Corporate Internal Communications at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., based in Israel.

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Distinct Audiences. Integrated Approach. Strategic Alignment.

Organizations are increasingly adopting an integrated approach to internal and external communication, but many practitioners insist on treating internal stakeholders as a distinct audience, which means external content alone is not enough to respond to their needs. Find out more about the findings of our two-part research.


The Business Value of Strategic IC 

Interview with Leslie Quinton

An interview with Leslie Quinton, Vice-President, Global Corporate Communications, and Events, at BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products).

Cover Practitioners' Perspectives

How Business Leaders Value IC |

The Perspectives of Practitioners

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 5 - Key findings based on quantitative and qualitative results found in the report The Next Level, related to how business leaders value internal communication from the perspective of practitioners.

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IC Kollectif welcomes the support of SocialChorus

We are delighted to announce that SocialChorus has chosen to support IC Kollectif for the third consecutive year, this time as a Gold Level Industry Partner for our new series of monthly publications titled Research Brief.


Measurement: Linking internal communication to business results

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 2 - IC Kollectif recently conducted research to find out how leading in-house communication professionals demonstrate the impact of their work on business goals. The findings are reflected in Measurement: Linking Internal Communication to Business Results, which also includes  recent survey results as well as recommended research-based resources to measure internal communication.

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New 'Research Brief' series distills key topics from global report 'The Next Level'

Research Brief is a new publication series based on the findings of our global research report, The Next Level. The series takes a step further as each edition puts a specific topic at the forefront, bringing together key findings, advice and resources found on this subject in the 164-page report. 

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Findings from the research report 'The Next Level'

FREE WEBINAR - Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectif, will be presenting key findings from our recent research report 'The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communication'.

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Previous blog posts 

Click below to read our previous blog posts.

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The highs and lows of communicating corporate purpose

The purpose statement shines a spotlight on the role of internal communications professional and can help us reflect, in turn, on our own personal purpose and values.

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New research study looks at communication planning 

External and internal communication professionals around the world are invited to take part in a new study into how they approach planning.

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Research Results

Internal Communication Experience of Coworkers During COVID-19

UCLouvain and moodfactory released a report following a survey on the experience of internal communication of employees and managers during the COVID-19 crisis. This research is unique because it gives the coworkers perspective.

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Communication channels: our first, our last, our everything?

A strategic approach to communication starts with exploring the organizational goal communication needs to support and understanding the root causes behind problems that need to be solved.

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Training | The Comms Expert Series

How to use internal communication as a business enabler

We are very pleased to announce that IC Kollectif is partnering with esmdee to support in exclusivity The Comms Expert Series created by employee communication expert Sue Dewhurst.

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Defining business acumen

Delphi Study - What exactly do we mean by business acumen? Matthew Ragas, Ph.D., DePaul University, conducted a study and published his findings under the title: Defining ‘Business Acumen’: A Delphi Study of Corporate Communications Leaders, in the latest PR Journal.

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Supporting State of the Sector 2020 

We are excited to support the State of the Sector 2020. This year’s survey is open until 8 November, and we encourage you to complete it.

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Business acumen: an imperative for communications to serve as a strategic management function 

Communication executives explain why they consider business acumen as an important capability for their team, including for internal communication professionals.  

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The Business Value of Strategic IC 

Interview with Luis Ramos

What does strategic communication look like at thyssenkrupp Elevator? An interview with Luis Ramos, Head of Communications.  


Liam FitzPatrick at the Internal Communication Conference in Montreal

IC Kollectif partners with Événements Les Affaires for the very first time and supports the sixth edition of their Internal Communication Conference, to be held in Montreal on November 26, 2019. Liam FitzPatrick, a close collaborator of IC Kollectif, is among the exceptional line-up of speakers and participants. 

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The Business Value of Strategic IC 

Interview with Tom Murphy

What does strategic communication look like at Microsoft? An interview with Tom Murphy, Director of Communications at Microsoft Digital, Services, and Success (DSS).

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Research Brief Series

The Case for Business Acumen 

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 6 - This brief presents key findings on the importance of business acumen for internal communication professionals. 

Cover IC Eyes C-Suite Leaders

Internal Communication in the Eyes of C-Suite Leaders |

Perceptions & Expectations

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 4 - Key findings based on qualitative results found in the report The Next Level about how business leaders perceive internal communication and what they expect from practitioners and the function.


IC Kollectif wins prestigious 2019 Gold Quill Award of Excellence

We’re thrilled to announce that Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectif, was awarded an IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence for the global publication ‘Disrupting the Function of IC – A Global Perspective.’

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Webinar The Next Level now available

The webinar 'The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communication' was presented on February 28, 2019, and is now available on demand.


3 Compelling reasons why leaders should give employees a voice

Leaders today need to empower employees to have a voice at work. They’ll achieve far more engagement and even bolster their organisational brand and reputation in doing so.

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2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Report


Investing in employee trust is investing in your bottom line

If anyone still questions the value of strategic internal communication in organizations, findings from the latest Edelman Trust Barometer provide some clear evidence on why the discipline should play a key role in the broader communication mix to bring business value.

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Comunicación Interna Total, un “must” para el 2020

Reseña del libro - Si se busca un material de lectura que permita hacer un recorrido actual y entretenido sobre la comunicación interna como una disciplina definida, “Comunicación Interna Total. Estrategia, prácticas y casos” es, definitivamente, lo indicado.

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Time to take stock

There’s a ton of great advice out there but it’s smart to start by asking “what does our organisation need employee communications to achieve?” 

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Five ways to make a bigger difference through communication 

How to use communication in a strategic way to make a positive difference to people in organisations.

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Bosses: True Stories of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Book Review - Roger D’Aprix released his latest book titled Bosses: True Stories of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. 

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Research Brief Series

The practice of IC | A look inside organizations - Part 3

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 11 - This final edition part of our Research Brief series features ten in-house communication professionals from four industries: Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Telecommunications, Utilities & Energy. Each participant explains what the practice of internal communication looks like in their own organization, with an emphasis on 5 key topics. 

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Research Brief Series

The practice of IC | A look inside organizations - Part 2

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 10 - This edition features nine communication professionals/executives from eight industries: Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Information, Technology & Services Insurance, Law Practice, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Oil & Energy. Each participant explains what the practice of internal communication looks like in their own organization, with an emphasis on 5 key topics. 

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Internal communication: what’s the “tipping point” for a startup or SME?

How big of an organization do you need to be to have a professional approach to internal communication? Find out in this article.

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Why business acumen matters

It is no longer enough to be an expert in communication to succeed as a communication professional. Some key findings on the importance of business acumen for internal and external communication professionals.  


Research Brief Series

State, Trends & Practice of IC

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 8 -  This edition brings the focus on two commanding research projects conducted in Europe and in the USA, exploring the state, trends, and practice of internal communication.


Montréal accueillera Liam FitzPatrick à la conférence Communication interne

IC Kollectif s'associe avec Événements Les Affaires pour la toute première fois et appui la sixième édition de la conférence Communication interne qui se tiendra à Montréal le 29 novembre prochain. Liam FitzPatrick, un proche collaborateur d'IC Kollectif, fait partie de la gamme exceptionnelle de conférenciers et intervenants. 

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Research Brief Series

Beyond Tactics | The Strategic Contribution of Communication

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 7 - This brief will help communication professionals to explain what their contribution to organizations can be.

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The Business Value of Strategic IC 

Interview with Rick Phillips 

What does strategic internal communication look like at Nationwide? An interview with Rick Phillips retired in 2018 as Chief Communications Officer for Nationwide, a Fortune 100 company.  

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The intersection of internal and external communication

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 3 - Based on two qualitative initiatives conducted by IC Kollectif, a global survey opened to all and interviews with selected in-house communication professionals from 25 countries, this 3rd edition focuses on the intersection of internal and external communication.


Get off the sidelines and into the game

Most internal communication functions are cost centers that should shift their work from churning out news and information to improving results and adding value. It’s doable, but it requires thinking and acting more boldly and broadly than before.

Licence to Operate_edited.png

How to get the coveted licence to operate

RESEARCH BRIEF Edition 1 - The first instalment of our new Research Brief series titled 'The Licence to Operate: Building Trust & Convincing Leaders of the Business Value of IC,' highlights top advice and resources to be recognized as trusted advisor and counsellor, and to advocate the business value of internal communication to leaders. 

Communication Planning Blueprint - INSIG

Global insights into the need for upgrading communicators’ planning and strategy skills

SURVEY REPORT- When it comes to creating communication plans, what is the single biggest challenge you've been struggling with at your workplace? 

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The Next Level: The Business Value of Good Internal Communication 

GLOBAL RESEARCH REPORT - New report by IC Kollectif examines the value and practice of internal communication from several angles around one central theme: the business value of good internal communication. 


The report reviews how business leaders perceive internal communication, looks closely at the reality of the practice inside companies and explores how IC professionals can better position themselves as trusted advisors and key business enablers. 

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