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IC Kollectif welcomes the support of SocialChorus

By Lise Michaud

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We are delighted to announce that SocialChorus has chosen to support IC Kollectif for the third consecutive year, this time as a Gold Level Industry Partner for our new series of monthly publications titled Research Brief.


SocialChorus has been part of our journey from the start by supporting each of our global projects:


  • Disrupting the Function of IC – A Global Perspective|Award-winning (Silver sponsor 2017)

  • The Next Level global research report (Gold sponsor 2018)

  • and now our Research Brief series, which consists of a total of 11 editions, each focusing on a specific topic and consolidating key findings, advice and resources from the global report.


“We’re proud to support IC Kollectif’s global projects. Internal communications is so critical to drive business success; if a workforce doesn’t understand the why, they are not excited about the what and how,” commented Alison Murdock, CMO at SocialChorus.

As a non-profit organization, we rely exclusively on sponsorships to run and maintain IC Kollectif, including the production of our publications. We want to thank SocialChorus for their continuous and generous support in helping us develop and provide valuable resources free of charge to internal communication professionals around the world.


About SocialChorus


SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that transforms how workers and organizations connect every day. We empower communicators to reach every worker—from the head office to the front line. Companies thrive and win when all their workers feel informed, aligned, and supported. The SocialChorus platform allows communicators to publish once and distribute everywhere—efficiently delivering critical information to the right employee at the right time. Learn more at


About IC Kollectif


IC Kollectif is an award-winning global organization dedicated to the strategic management of internal communication. The independent non-profit is based in Montreal and shares knowledge, insights and research from around the world on the practice of IC with people in more than 163 countries. 

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