Research Brief Series

The practice of IC | A Look Inside Organizations - Part 1

EDITION 9 -  This edition features eight communication professionals/executives from six industries: Airlines/Aviation, Automotive, Building Materials, Chemicals, Computer Software, and Construction. Each participant explains what the practice of internal communication looks like in their own organization, with an emphasis on 5 key topics. 



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Research Brief Series

Communication Professionals 

The Case for Business Acumen

EDITION 6 - Key findings from primary and secondary research on why business acumen matters for internal communication professionals to bring real value to the organization.



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Research Brief Series

The Intersection of Internal & External Communication

EDITION 3 - Based on our own qualitative survey as well as interviews with in-house communication professionals from around the world, this edition focuses on the intersection of internal and external communication.



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The Next Level

Introducing New Research Brief Series

'Research Brief' is a new publication series in which each concise edition takes a deep dive into a specific topic discussed throughout the 164-page global report The Next Level



Research Brief Series

State, Trends & Practice

EDITION 8 -  This edition brings the focus on 

two commanding research projects conducted in Europe and in the USA. The first examines the status and trends in internal communication in European companies. The second is a two-part research identifying best-in-class practices for employee communication and the gap between the knowledge of what best-in-class global communication leaders reported is effective and what the majority of IC professionals reported to be practising.



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Research Brief Series

How Business Leaders Value IC |

The Perspectives of Practitioners

EDITION 5 - Key findings based on quantitative and qualitative results found in the report The Next Level, related to how business leaders value internal communication from the perspective of practitioners.



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Research Brief Series

Measurement: Linking IC to Business Results

EDITION 2 -  Measurement: Linking IC to Business Results provides key advice, research-based resources as well as methods used by in-house communication professionals to demonstrate the impact of their work on business results.



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Research Brief Series

Beyond Tactics | The Strategic Contribution of Communication

EDITION 7 -  This edition will help communication professionals to explain what their contribution to organizations can be. It presents the Global Capability Framework developed by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management with academics and professional organizations.



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Research Brief Series

Internal Communication in the Eyes of C-Suite Leaders | Perceptions & Expectations

EDITION 4 - Key findings based on qualitative results found in the report The Next Level about how business leaders perceive internal communication and what they expect from practitioners and the function.



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Research Brief Series

The Licence to Operate

EDITION 1 - This is the first instalment of our new publication series 'Research Brief'. 'The Licence to Operate' concisely presents key findings and insights found  throughout the 164-page global research report The Next Level on how to be recognized as a trusted advisor and counsellor, and how to advocate the business value of internal communication. 



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Global Research Report 

The Next Level 

The Next Level is a global research report that examines the reality of the practice inside companies, how business leaders perceive internal communication, and how practitioners can better position themselves as trusted advisors and key business enablers. 



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From Hope to Reality

How Far We've Come | The Road Ahead

There is a gap between where experts think the practice of internal communication should be, and what is really happening in the field. How far have we actually come in 2017? Our collaborators share their views on the progress made over the past months, and what remains to be done in 2018.


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Disrupting the Function of IC |

A Global Perspective



With the participation of 30 experts on 6 continents, Disrupting the Function of IC – A Global Perspective, takes a realistic yet critical look at the profession of internal communication and offers a global picture of what lies ahead for IC practitioners. The 222-page book raises issues communication professionals can no longer ignore. More info here.


Foreword by Professor Anne Gregory.

Free PDF, 222 pages

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