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Results of the State of the Sector 2020 are out 

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By Lise Michaud


The State of the Sector 2020 Report sheds a light on the practice of internal communication among more than 1000 practitioners around the globe. Released this week, the State of the Sector 2020 report includes results on the following aspects: budget and resources; purpose, priorities and challenges; planning; listening; measurement; channels; as well as management and leadership communication.


Get the full report at: 



Some highlights


Top 3 priorities for 2020

  • 55% Communicating purpose, strategy, values 


  • 38% Communicating a change / transformation programme


  • 38% Developing/refreshing an internal communication strategy 


Top challenges in 2020

  • 45% Excessive volume or communication


  • 43% Hard-to-reach employees


  • 43% Lack of line manager communication skills



  • 20% of respondents are strongly convinced leaders viewed them as trusted advisors 


  • 43% disagree that internal communication is consulted and involved at every stage of communicating change 


  • 66% believe internal communication is seen as a key driver of the employee experience


  • 72% says the function plays a critical role in capturing and amplifying employee voice



  • 20% of internal communicators regularly track their impact – whilst the same proportion rarely do any measurement at all


  • 3 in 5 internal communicators measure the impact of individual campaigns but say they struggle to keep up the momentum in between


  • 44% of those who don’t measure impact say this is because there’s no interest from the business


  • 47% use data to prove their value add to senior leaders


  • 72% of communicators who measure impact use the data to brainstorm ideas for the future


Perceived Effectiveness

  • 53% of internal communicators say their internal communications are ‘good’ or ‘excellent’


  • 60% of employees say the same


Download the full report to get all the results at 


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