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Research Brief Series

Internal Communication | State, Trends & Practice

State, trends, practice of IC

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About this series - 'Research Brief' is a new publication series in which each concise edition takes a deep dive into a specific topic discussed in the 164-page global report The Next Level


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About The Next Level Report - The Next Level is the first publication of its kind bringing together C-suite leaders, in-house communication professionals/executives, and academics across all continents. Based on primary and secondary research, the report takes the conversation about internal communication to the strategic management level. The report provides solid insights, advice, frameworks, and resources from which practitioners can learn how to better position themselves as trusted counsellors and advisors, communicate on the same strategic level with senior management, and drive business value.


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This brief presents two commanding research projects conducted in Europe and in the USA. The first examines the status and trends in internal communication in European companies. The second is a two-part research identifying best-in-class practices for employee communication and the gap between the knowledge of what best-in-class global communication leaders reported is effective and what the majority of IC professionals reported to be practising. What you'll find inside this edition:


  • Status and trends in internal communication in European companies


  • How to build efficacy in employee communications:10 best-in-class practices in employee communication


  • Four factors that contribute to internal communications driving business value


  • The 22 factors of success


  • Common practices in communicating internally


  • 6 key topic areas


  • The reality inside organizations: What does good look like?


  • And more

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