COVID-19 Communication Repertoire


IC Kollectif is sharing research, information and tools to help communication professionals better understand and plan strategically for the COVID-19 crisis. This repertoire is updated on an ongoing basis.   



PR and Communication Bellwether Survey conducted by Boston University’s College of Communication and PR Week 

This year's survey focuses on purpose and strategy, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on the profession.


Survey - Crisis Communications and Preparedness and COVID-19

Two corporate communications consultants have set out to probe the degree in which businesses around the planet have found their existing crisis communications tools and processes to be of sufficient use for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


Internal Communication Experience of Employees and Management During the COVID-19 Crisis

In April 2020, UCLouvain and moodfactory carried out a survey on the experience of internal communication of employees and managers during the COVID-19 crisis. This survey is unique because it gives the coworkers perspective. This first report is focused on the lockdown period. The results for Belgium were released earlier and are presented in this article, and also in this other article

IPR-Peppercomm COVID-19 Internal Comm Survey 

The Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm conducted a follow-up survey of communication leaders from their recently released report about COVID-19 to determine how companies are communicating internally around COVID-19.  Some 403 communication executives and senior leaders responded to the survey. Key topics include what are the most trusted go-to sources and channels for communicators; how the pandemic has impacted the workforce including employee satisfaction and productivity; what companies are communicating about and how they are tracking it; how diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives have changed; how companies are preparing for the return-to-office; and best practices for internal communication during this crisis. The report also features deep dives into internal communication topic and sidebars spotlight senior executive leaders.

The effects of COVID-19 on internal communications

Heads of Internal Communications of some medium - large Italian companies, shared the reality of COVID-19 comms that they are experiencing in their companies. ASCAI - the Italian Internal Communication Association - promoted the exchange and collected the results in a graphic format, downloadable here. Read the article here.

IoIC Survey 

The Institute of Internal Communication conducted a survey to find out how IC practitioners are tackling the challenges around communicating COVID-19. 


Benchmarking Survey: 50 Organisations Across APAC on Communicating COVID-19, Andrews Partnership

Coronavirus PR research: The fine line between getting COVID-19 comms right and wrongUnhooked Communications



Global survey reveals in-house and agency leaders' views on the long-term impact on PR as an industry and discipline.

COVID-19: How Businesses are Handling the Crisis

The Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm conducted a global study in which 300 communication executives and senior leaders were surveyed to find out how their companies were faring in the COVID-19 pandemic. The report looks at what sources they trusted, how prepared they were for the crisis, and what their businesses are doing to fight against the outbreak and resulting panic. Download the report. Watch the IPR webinar here. Read the articles here and here.

Perceptions about COVID-19 and the employer response 

Weber Shandwick and KRC Research conducted a national survey among 1,004 Americans, from March 16 to 18, 2020 to ask how they feel regarding the pandemic, precautions they’re taking, confidence in medical and healthcare facilities and organizations and support from their employer.

Organizations Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19 Communications, But Needs Persist; Leaders Must Demonstrate Transparency, Clarity and Openness 
Orangefiery conducted an online survey consisting of 454 respondents, of which 327 identified as an employee and 127 identified as leaders, to assess the communications sent and received regarding COVID-19 and to learn what employees want to see more of from future communications.

2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report Trust and the Coronavirus

Edelman conducted a 10-country study March 6-10 in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, the U.K. and the U.S. It confirms the role business must play as a source of reliable and timely information. 

Coronavirus: Corporate Leaders Grapple with Major Disruption by Putting Employees First

The gatekeepers (Waterman Hurst) surveyed 51 gatekeepers℠—CEOs, C-level executives, talent executives, and C-level advisors within companies ranging from $100 million to $125 billion in annual revenue—to find out what they’re doing to stay focused through the biggest challenge of their leadership careers: tackling COVID-19.

Research reveals appealing to our best nature is the most effective way to communicate through Covid-19

Hill+Knowlton Strategies H+K’s behavioral science unit tested a series of messages with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 members of the UK general public to find out how messages were being received and the impact they had on behavior. The research reveals appealing to our best nature is the most effective way to communicate through COVID-19. 


Effective Public Health Communication in an Interconnected World: Enhancing Resilience to Health Crises

This research-based resource by The Rockefeller Foundation, KYNE and News Deeply, shares best practices on how to communicate through a public health crisis. 

Survey - Impact of COVID-19 on UK PR industry

FuturePRoof conducted a survey to get a better understanding of how individuals and businesses are being impacted in order to share this information with industry bodies (CIPR, PRSA) to help them provide relevant interventions. 


Communicating in a crisis

Gatehouse gathered responses from 135 practitioners about what challenges they were facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. An infographic details their experience communicating in a crisis.

APCO surveys on Coronavirus: March 5, March 13, March 17


TOOLKIT | Tools, best practices, examples, resource centers and more

Wartime Leadership Communication: How Should CEOs Communicate During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Linjuan Rita Men  This article is based on a literature review of 21 academic studies on CEO/executive leadership communication followed by a textual analysis of 12 published industry studies related to organizational and leadership communication during the pandemic achieved on the IPR’s website (see COVID-19 Resources for PR Professionals) and in IC Kollectif’s COVID-19 Communication Repertoire. It identifies themes that concurred across these academic and professional studies, which may provide some insights for CEO communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crisis Communication Resource Guide:  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Communications Network developed an excellent crowd-sourced, collaborative document offering best-practices, advice, webinars and more. This guide is part of resources provided via a Google Sheet with COVID19 COMMS4GOOD Resources, Examples, and Best Practices with more crowd-sourced examples from the field. 

Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit

The Communications Network created an Open Google Doc to share and crowdsource best practices, resources, and examples of effective crisis comms covering many the tasks you're attending to.


Coronavirus Resources

Page provides relevant and timely information, including best practices from other companies. 


Coronavirus Resources

Page Up introduced a new series of Issue Briefs (first brief here) designed to help practitioners stay on top of emerging issues and what other members are doing to address them.  Additionally, they have compiled this shared drive with Coronavirus resources. 

Coronavirus Lessons from Levi’s, Page

A leader’s guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19, Ana Mendy, Mary Lass Stewart, and Kate VanAkin

Twelve messages for COVID-19 Responsible Communication

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management agreed on the 12 points considered relevant to make a responsible communication about the coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact on the social coexistence, the economy and, in general, all human relationships.

Managing Communications in a Continuing Crisis 

James S. O’Rourke, IV, Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, offers three key concepts and ten best practices to successful communication in a continuing crisis.

Navigating COVID-19: A Briefing for Leaders

In this briefing, Orangefiery provides key facts about the pandemic, as well as considerations and recommendations about how to communicate to your audiences in this challenging time. 


The COVID-19 Emails: Set a Strong First Impression in the Net Impression of Crisis Response
Ron Culp and Steve Johnson analyzed 100 COVID-19 related emails from companies. They found COVID-19 related emails – like all crisis and issues communications – needs to reflect four critical elements: empathy, actions, cooperative efforts, and resolve.


A Communication Checklist for COVID-19 

This checklist created by ROI is based on communication strategies used in some companies to navigate the crisis.

COVID-19 Communication Response Kit

An online resource developed by Molly McPherson for business communications in response to COVID-19. The kit is continuously updated and provides direction for communicating with customers and employees, available for both small to mid-sized businesses & cooperatives. 


Communicating in crisis

A guide produced by CIPR's Inside Group for communicating in a crisis, with general advice specific to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

CIPR Inside guide on communicating with furloughed employees

CIPR Inside has created a short guide with some advice on how organisations should manage their communication with furloughed colleagues.


Cision's Crisis Comms Checklist

Mapping the COVID comms curve. A practical worksheet for IC and HR

Using the experience of global employees further along the COVID curve, Scarlettabbott mapped the potential communication phases for IC and HR. The planner contains sample messaging and responses for phases over a period of weeks, with space for your own mapping tailored to your organization.

Five questions around reputation management and corporate comms, Echo Research

Communicating about Coronavirus (COVID-19). This LinkedIn group gathers credentialed communication professionals worldwide to share best practices on internal and external communication regarding the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. 


Lists of resources provided by professional communication associations/organizations


How COVID-19 is Forcing CEOs to Rethink the Importance of Internal Communications, Gary Grates

The increased importance of the CCO, Page Turner Blog

Some takeaways from a discussion on the global response to the pandemic and what are the new guiding principles in a time like this. 

Communication in an age of COVID-19 – What can we learn from existing data? EACD Webinar Report

COVID-19: Effective internal and external crisis communicationsJohn Connolly, AICD

A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You: An Open Letter to American CEOs. Why you must say something about coronavirus every single day, David Murray, Medium

Two Principles for Leading Your Organization Through the COVID-19 Crisis, Jessica Love, Kellogg Insight


What Communicators Need to Know About the Legal Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis, Caroline Sapriel, IABC

Advice and Perspective on COVID Crisis Management from Leading CommunicatorsRob Flaherty, Page Society

Rob Flaherty moderated a discussion among more than 100 leading chief communications officers and agency leaders to find out how companies are and should be responding to COVID-19. This post summarizes the conversation.

COVID-19: How Businesses are Handling the Crisis, Institute for Public Relations

COVID-19: A monitoring and evaluation guide for communicators, Jennifer Sanchis, Influence

Communication That Works In A Crisis: Tips And TechniquesJane Jordan, Cropley Communication

Avoiding Communication Fatigue as Coronavirus Separates WorkforceJoshua J. Smith, PRSA

A Communications Primer for Coronavirus, Seth Arenstein, PR News

COVID-19: Lessons of Past Pandemics Are More Timely Than Ever for Crisis Management, Jon Goldberg, PRSA

Employees Look to Their Companies for Coronavirus NewsNancy Cleeland, SHRM 

3 Important Lessons On Crisis Management From the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tanveer Naseer

Coronavirus live Blog - The impact on PR and Comms, PR Week UK

Internal Communications Can Make or Break Brand Reputation During Coronavirus Crisis, PR News


Communicating Through the Coronavirus CrisisPaul A, Argenti (or PDF Download)

Your Guide to Communicate Proactively to Employees in Response to Coronavirus, David Grossman, The Grossman Group

How Communicators Can Help Inform the Public During the COVID-19 Crisis, PRSA


Corona, Communications & CEO, Frank Körver, EACD 


Navigating Through the COVID-19 Storm, Caroline Sapriel, IABC


How is Coronavirus influencing the communications industry? Eva Maclaine, Influence


Coronavirus: advice for emergency comms, Chris Tucker, PR Academy 

The Italian Federation of Public Relations published a number of articles


For more articles and resources: 






The PRCA’s Global COVID-19 Taskforce has launched a free consultation service to help communications leaders manage their organizations and agencies through the COVID-19 crisis.


The Government Communication Service offers job support to communication professionals through the coronavirus crisis.

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