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Training | The Comms Expert Series

How to use internal communication as a business enabler

By Lise Michaud

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We are very pleased to announce that IC Kollectif is partnering with esmdee to support in exclusivity The Comms Expert Series created by employee communication expert Sue Dewhurst. If you want to learn how to be strategic and to use IC as a business enabler, look no further.


Adding value to your organization, and being seen as valuable by others, depends on the ability to use communication in a way that changes behaviours and contributes to business results. It means being able to build trust, develop relationships, coach and facilitate. And it’s about understanding some fundamental psychological principles – about why change feels difficult and how behaviours change, for instance. All this requires strong foundations. This series focuses on the fundamental skills and principles that make a truly effective internal communication professional.


About the workshops


The series offers three workshops, available in-house or open house, each taking place over three consecutive days. 


  • Strategic Comms Expert

  • Collaborative Comms Expert

  • Transformational Comms Expert 


Each workshop offers expert thinking, tools, questioning and networks. You will get the theory, latest research and, perspectives, as well as practical frameworks, tips, and tools that you can take away and use from day one. You’ll be invited to think about where you invest your time, ways of working, the impact you’re making and look for opportunities to make a bigger difference. You’ll also have the chance to share experiences, learn from fellow participants, and to work with everyone else in the group.


For more information get in touch via email:

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