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Liam FitzPatrick at the Internal Communication Conference in Montreal

By Lise Michaud


IC Kollectif is proud to partner* with Événements Les Affaires  for the very first time and to help support the sixth edition of their Internal Communication Conference, in Montreal. Moreover, I’m thrilled that Liam FitzPatrick, a close collaborator of IC Kollectif and UK-based co-author of the new book ‘Successful employee communications: a practitioner's guide to tools, models and best practice for internal communication,’ will be joining us as an international key speaker. You can see the complete program and its exceptional line-up of speakers and participants here


About the session 


Does your internal communication team work optimally? Participants will be invited to reflect on this question during Liam FitzPatrick's session, which will focus on aligning practitioners' actions against expected results, regardless of the size of their organization.


Here is the synopsis of his presentation: “In the day-to-day whirlwind, it may seem impossible to take the time to stop and assess whether you are putting our energy and resources in the right places. However, auditing your tools and processes could increase the performance of your actions and help you prioritize.


Liam FitzPatrick will talk through the building blocks of an effective operation and help attendees understand whether: 


  • You are doing the right things: having clarity of business goals, involving leaders, having an agreed communication strategy;

  • You are doing them the right way: appropriate resources, variety of channels, supporting managers, data and insight.” 

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Liam FitzPatrick

Why you should read his new book 


I had the great pleasure to read ‘Successful employee communications: a practitioner's guide to tools, models and best practice for internal communication,’ co-authored by Liam FitzPatrick

and  Sue Dewhurst before it got published. I don’t often endorse books publicly but this one really stands out. As quoted in the book, I believe it, “is an essential read for any communication professional whether working in the field of internal communication or not. Succinct, readable and compelling, it presents every topic from a strategic and outcome-focused perspective, supported by a perfect balance of evidence and research. Sue and Liam provide sound advice, recommendations and answers to overcome many barriers, as well as posing some challenging yet critical questions to consider. With an excellent collection of case studies, as well as frameworks and tools, this book offers actionable steps practitioners can take to make sure they bring real value and make a difference in their organization. If you only read one book this year, make it this much-needed one.” 


Join us on November 26


Don’t miss your chance to hear Liam FitzPatrick and many other communication professionals at the only IC conference in Montreal. Liam FitzPatrick will deliver his session in English while all other presentations are in French. 


Register by using promo code ‘1ICK’ to save 40% on the regular price.* I look forward to introducing Liam FitzPatrick before his presentation and to seeing you there!


For more information, please visit the event’s website.


*Please note that this is a non-financial partnership and as such, IC Kollectif does not get financial support from ticket sales from Événements Les Affaires. 


An adaptation of this article is available in French

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