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STATE OF THE PRACTICE - This section is no longer updated

A selection of survey & research-based reports published by professional communication bodies, communication professionals and academics.


This section doesn't feature reports published by vendors and solution providers. 


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Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations’ Report Card 2019

The Report Card on Public Relations Leaders is a biennial study that began in 2015 to survey leaders and their employees on leadership performance, job satisfaction, organizational trust, organizational culture and job engagement. As it stands with the Report Card 2019, leadership in the field remains pretty average; improvement seems elusive. The report is available at

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Beyond Tactics | The Strategic Contribution of Communication

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition presents the Global Capability Framework developed by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management with academics and professional organizations. 

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How Business Leaders Value IC |

The Perspectives of Practitioners

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition reveals how business leaders value internal communication from the perspective of practitioners. 

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The Intersection of Internal & External Communication

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition is based on our qualitative research with in-house communication professionals from around the world, and looks at the intersection of internal and external communication.

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Previous reports 

Previous reports are available here.


PR2025: trends, competences and solutions for the near future of PR/Communications – Results of a Delphi method study

Prof. Dr. Ana Adi, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences - PR2025, a Delphi method study involving senior communicators, academics and experienced consultants, asked participants to consider the transition and mid-term period of PR/Comms and identify the competences needed to maintain confidence. Available at:

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The Case for Business Acumen

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition highlights key findings from primary and secondary research on why business acumen matters for internal communication professionals.

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Remotely interested?

Redefining Communications & SocialOptimc - The report looks at remote workers/ non-desk based workers, one of the biggest barriers to effective internal communication, and explores why this remains a challenge, and also why this isn't a priority on the list for internal communication professionals. Download the report at:


Measurement: Linking IC to Business Results

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition provides key advice, research-based resources as well as methods used by in-house communication professionals to demonstrate the impact of their work on business results.


State, Trends & Practice of IC

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition 

brings the focus on two commanding research projects conducted in Europe and in the USA. The first examines the status and trends in internal communication in European companies. The second is a two-part research identifying best-in-class practices for employee communication and the gap between the knowledge of what best-in-class global communication leaders reported is effective and what the majority of IC professionals reported to be practising.

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Research Report 2019: Measurement and ROI for Internal Communication

CIPR Inside, in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication - The research looks at measurement and ROI for internal communication. The full report is available to members only. The executive report is available at

Cover IC Eyes C-Suite Leaders

Internal Communication in the Eyes of C-Suite Leaders 

Perceptions & Expectations

IC Kollectif - This research brief edition reveals how business leaders perceive internal communication and what they expect from practitioners and the function.

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The Licence to Operate

IC Kollectif - The first installment of the research brief series focuses on how to be recognized as a trusted advisor and counsellor, and how to advocate the business value of internal communication to senior management.

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