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USC Annenberg

2018 Global Communications Report - Available here.


Inside Insight 2018 Report available here.

State of the Profession 2018


Respondents of the State of the Profession 2018 report consider that under-representation of public relations practitioners at board level is the biggest challenge facing the industry. Find out more about the key findings via our blog post. Download the report here.

The View


The View is a comprehensive research report which focuses on the UK corporate communications profession, and compiled from over 410 responses to a survey conducted in 2017. Blog post on the key findings here. Request a copy of the report here.

2018 State of the Sector | North America 2018 State of the Sector


State of the Sector launched it's 10th edition with over 650 responses from practitioners all over the world. Read about the findings in our 2-part blog posts: 2018 SOS : In Many Instances, the News Is Not Good and 2018 SOS : How Effective Are Communication Channels? The Infographic and the report can be downloaded via this link :

The North America report is available here.

IC Practitioners Survey 2017

Über Engagement

420 internal communication practitioners from around the world answered the survey structured around 5 Ms: Market, Message, Media, Measurement, Me Time. View the results here.

The 2017 IPR and PRSA Report: KSAs and Characteristics of Entry-Level PR Professionals

Institute for Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America

The Institute for Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America conducted a study of 386 entry-level professionals in public relations to better understand their level of knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as their attitudes toward professional development opportunities. The report explores two areas that have received much attention in business and psychological literature but have rarely been applied to public relations: emotional intelligence and grit. More info.

Watson Helsby

FTSE 100 Group Director of Corporate Communications/Affairs Survey. Article | Report available here.

Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2017/18

Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors, Quadridga University, EUPRERA

The Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2017/18, a survey of more than 1,300 communication professionals working in corporations, government, non-profit organizations, and communication agencies across 22 Asia-Pacific countries, has identified the impact of digital technologies, social media, mobile communications, and the need for a strategic focus to align communication outcomes to organizational goals as the four top issues facing communication professionals. Highlights here. Download the report here.

Brexit and Public Relations 2018


A research report surveying PR professionals into how prepared they and their organizations and clients are for the impact of Brexit. This report includes CIPR’s advice on how to begin those preparations. Link to report.

Making it Count : The strategic value and effectiveness of internal communication

CIPR Inside

CIPR Inside conducted 14 interviews with CEOs from various industries and surveyed  89 IC practitioners with a similar set of questions to get a sense of their thoughts on the function and where practitioners are in terms of the value they add. The report also integrates insights from research conducted by VMA Group and Dr Kevin Ruck. Full report available here.

Latin American Communication Monitor 2016-2017

Euprera, DirComm, Llorente & Cuenca

Tendencias en comunicación estratégia : Big data, automatización, engagement, influencers, coaching y competencias, resultados de una encuesta en 17 paises. Descargar| Download.

2017 Global Comms Report: Challenges and Trends

Cision and PRWeek

From analytics to content, results from the 2017 Cision/PRWeek global survey shed light on the steps necessary to elevate comms’ standing in the C-suite. Click here to download.

Crimson Communicare LLP

Crimson Communicare LLP released the first edition of 'State of Internal Communication in India' Study,  focussing exclusively on in-house IC practitioners. With responses from 149 organisations across more than 30 industrial sectors, the survey looks at the different aspects of the practice in India. More info here. Download the report here.

Charity Comms

This report investigates how the charity sector has evolved over the last 10 years, and what might lie in the future. Following the 2008 and 2012 benchmarks, communication professionals from 273 charities were surveyed. Click here to request a copy of the report.

European Communication Monitor 2017

EACD European Association of Communication Directors and EUPRERA European Public Relations Education and Research Association 

The 11th edition of the ECM 2017 explores current practices and future developments of strategic communication in companies, non-profits and other organisations including communication agencies. It is based on responses from 3,387 communication professionals based in 50 European countries. Download  the report.

The CEO Communication Audit

The Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research  

The Centre commissioned the Gandalf Group, a research firm, to conduct interviews with Canadian corporate leaders and perform an audit of the CEO communication function and the role of they see communications playing in their organizations. The interviews explored four themes in respect of corporate communications: 1. The importance of communications to their business plans; 2. The role of the CEO; 3. Social media; and 4. CEO advocacy relating to public and social policy. Read our blog postDownload the report here. Article by David Murray. 

Gender Differences Deepen, Leader-Employee Gap Remains and Grades Slide In Plank Center Report Card 2017 on PR Leaders

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations

The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations and Heyman Associates produced its second Report Card on PR Leaders. The report examines five areas : leadership performance, job engagement, trust in the organization, work culture and job satisfaction. More info here.

The CEO View: Communications at the Center of the Enterprise

Arthur W. Page Society 

"Have CEOs' expectations of their CCOs changed given the rapidly changing nature of our enterprises and the circumstances in which they operate? What are CEOs priorities, and in what ways are they looking to their CCO for leadership? Does their view of the CCO match what we described in The New CCO?

To find out, the Arthur W. Page Society commissioned Penn Schoen Berland to interview 24 CEOs of member companies. The results are presented in The CEO View: Communications at the Center of the Enterprise. The study is an update of the CEO View research done in 2007 (as part of The Authentic Enterprise) and repeated again in 2013, seeking to further our understanding of how CEO perceptions and opinions have changed over time." Link to report here.

Institute for PR and Peppercomm

"This paper is an analysis based on in-depth interviews with 22 senior communications and marketing executives in large companies about what they are doing differently with the new presidential administration. The initial purpose of this project was to interview leading communications and marketing executives about the emerging challenges and opportunities they experience in today’s hyperkinetic business world. However, in nearly every interview, participants spoke about President Donald Trump and the uncertainty of the new presidential administration. Because of the number of interviewees who cited President Trump and the extent to which they discussed him and his policies" it was "decided to focus on a report solely devoted to how the new administration is having an impact on their function. The report also include an outline of a plan confidentially shared by one CCO." The report looks at all aspects of communication, including employee communication. Download White Paper. Source:

USC Annenberg

"Eighty seven percent of PR executives believe the term "public relations" does not describe their future. According to the report, almost half of respondents believe that public relations will become more aligned with marketing over the next five years. In a surprising turn, only 8% of PR professionals believe that PR will be a distinct and separate function. When marketers were asked the same question, 57% were convinced that the two functions would be more aligned in the future, with 20% predicting PR will become a subset of marketing." Press release on the findings & the report here.

Relevance Reports 2017, 2018


The first annual Relevance Report – a forecast of topics and trends that will be important to communicators in 2017 by USC Center for Public Relations (CPR) at the Annenberg School. Report.

The 2018 annual Relevance Report is available here.

VMA Group

The sixth edition examines the responses from over 550 internal communication professionals and dives into the challenges and opportunities within the industry as viewed by those working in the sector. More info here.


"The State of the Profession 2017 survey by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) reveals that the PR profession still has a very long way to go before the skills and competencies of its practitioners meet the needs of modern future proof public relations best practice.

The evidence in the figures show not enough PR practitioners are spending time on emerging PR skills that should now be a vital part of professional practice and that recruiters still don’t understand all of the important skills that PR professionals need to work today."

Conference Board

The growing complexity of business in the era of digitization and the constantly shifting and accelerating demands of stakeholder relationships are forcing a rethink when it comes to the corporate communications and marketing functions. This report analyzes the trend toward integration of these two functions. It identifies some of the benefits that integration offers, assesses how companies can achieve those benefits, and considers the role of the integrated corporate communications and marketing function in pursuing digital transformation. More info here.


Insight and trends impacting  UK public relations. Download the report here.


The SOS 2017 provides a global perspective on all aspects of internal communication practice - from channel use and message effectiveness, to leader and line manager communication, measurement and evaluation. Blog post & link to report

APCO Woldwide

Only 29% of Chief Corporate Communicators are a key business advisor to their CEO. This is one of the many findings outlined in a survey conducted this fall by APCO Worldwide, among 114 senior-most communications professionals in various industries across B2B and consumer.  The survey indicated that while the top communication professionals are getting time with the CEO, they usually don’t feel heard. Read more.

Holmes Report

This report should serve as a wake-up call to CCOs and the agencies that serve them—most companies are not prepared to change as quickly as the environment in which they are operating. Download the report

VMA Group

This research shows that CEOs now consider corporate reputation to be the cornerstone of the modern organisation. As a result, they want to see communications directors step up to the leadership mantle more so than ever before. Download the Executive Summary

Ellwood Atfield and ComRes

Market research consultancy ComRes and the communications and advocacy headhunter Ellwood At eld conducted an online survey of 97 senior internal communications professionals between 20th September and 9th November 2016 to explore where internal communications is heading in 2017 and beyond, and what might be affecting industry changes. Report available here

World Communication Forum

The 2016 World Communication Forum Survey indicates that the most difficult challenge that modern communicators are faced with is the necessity to provide the company with stability in the informational chaos and overdose. Fourthy-five % of the respondents said the most important task for them is formation of a long-term reputation in a fast-changing world. The results, here.tem about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


A survey onducted in 43 European countries, the European Communication Monitor 2016 explores current practices and future developments of strategic communication in companies, non‐profits and other organisations including communication agencies. More info here.

Black Sun and Communication Director

This report answers the following question: What role do European communicators play in helping organisations be better accepted by society? Find the Research Report here.

Ruder Fin Internal Communication

Ruder Fin Internal Communication conducted a survey of 100 internal communications professionals from a variety of industries, geographies, organisational structures and job functions and asked them a series of questions about the state of the industry and the challenges that they face. Download the report.

Arthur W. Page Society 

This research is the culmination of nearly two years of multi-faceted research into the ways the Chief Communication Officer (CCO) role is changing and what these changes hold for the future, for both CCOs and their enterprises. Download the report. Also, Digital White Paper - The new CCO: Transforming enterprises in a changing world.

VMA Group

Fifth annual VMA Internal Communications market survey - insights, trends, analysis - on the Internal Communication profession. Download the report 


What Brexit means for internal communication professionals and the landscape in which we work. Read our blog postDownload the inforgraphic and the report.

8th biennial Communication and Public Relations Generally Accepted Practices (GAP VIII) Study


Results from the eighth biennial Communication and Public Relations Generally Accepted Practices (GAP VIII) Study were released today by the USC Annenberg Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center (SCPRC). Info and Report.

Institute for Media  and Communications Management

This report presents the business case for clarity in corporate communication. It shows the high costs associated with unclear, complex messages and provides tools that can be used to ensure clear communication in a range of communication channels, from e-mail and slide presenta tions to reports and social media. The report also discusses clarity problems and solutions through the results of surveys and case studies. Available here

Arthur W. Page Society

Today, many communications professionals have earned a seat at the table by offering counsel that is steeped in business acumen. But do their finance and business counterparts have the same knowledge of communications? Teaching Strategic Communication in Business Schools: New Evidence from the C-Suite shows that the majority of graduate business schools have not elevated communications to an essential part of their curricula and explains why it is increasingly imperative that they do so. Access the report here.

The 11 ways Benchmarking Report

Michael Ambjorn and Stephen Welch

The #11ways benchmarking database, developed by Michael Ambjorn and Stephen Welch, covers 81 organizations, across 10 countries, with approximately 390,000 employees. Download the report here. The 11 ways Benchmarking Report, 2014

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