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From Hope to Reality | Ebook

Lise Michaud

The contributions from our series FROM HOPE TO REALITY How Far We've Come in 2017|The Road Ahead in 2018, first published as individual blog posts between November 14 and December 12, have been compiled into an eBook.

As reflected in this new publication on the practice of IC in 2017 and 2018 released online, there is a gap between where experts think the practice of internal communication should be, and what is really happening in the field.

Looking back at the wish list published a year ago, with the participation of communication professionals who shared their greatest hope for the IC profession in 2017 in terms of where the discipline should be, the book answers two questions: How far have we actually come in 2017? What remains to be done in 2018?

Our collaborators express their views on the progress made over the past months, to what extent they believe their hope has translated into reality and what they see on the road ahead.

The new publication on IC in 2017 & 2018: FROM HOPE TO REALITY How Far We've Come |The Road Ahead, is available for free.

For more relevant insights on how the discipline of internal communication is redefining itself, download our free eBook, Disrupting the Function of IC - A Global Perspective.


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