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Resources to Measure Internal Communication

AMEC Measurement Month 2017

Lise Michaud - Updated October 13, 2017

It's no secret that a great number of communication practitioners don't measure and evaluate internal communication. For many, this task is not an easy one. Though high-effective organizations have been shown to practice IC and measurement more than low-effective organizations, only 50 percent of practitioners have a formal approach to measuring and evaluating their internal communication initiatives.

As the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) enters into the last week of Measurement Month, an annual global program of events shining the spotlight on the importance of PR measurement, here are some of the recent resources on measurement related to internal communication for you to explore. You can find those and more under the section Measurement & Evaluation on our website.


A Delphi Study to Identify Standards for Internal Communication. The very first internal communication standards to be developed. Learn more here.


FIR Interview: the challenges of standardizing employee communication measurement, with Sean Williams, Katie Paine, Angela Sinickas, and Ryan Williams, and hosted by Shel Holtz



Guide/ White Paper/ EBook

Presentation/ Case Study

To get more familiar with the vocabulary related to measurement

Be sure to check out these measurement frameworks and resources :

For more information about measuring IC, see our section Measurement & Evaluation.


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