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Disrupting the Function of IC - A Global Perspective

Disrupting the Function of IC- A Global Perspective, a 222-page ebook produced by IC Kollectif, was launched in New York today by the Global Alliance forb vcx Public Relations and Communication Management, representing 160,000 communication professionals worldwide.

30 experts from 6 continents

With responses from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, and thirty renowned senior communication professionals, the ebook takes a realistic yet critical look at the internal communication profession and offers a global picture of what lies ahead for IC practitioners.

The internal communication profession faces turbulent times and the role of IC practitioners may well be at a turning point. Caught between multiple increasing challenges brought about by the impact of technology, the convergence and integration of communication disciplines, over-riding agendas like employee engagement and advocacy, etc, the profession must dig deep for insights and new ways to define itself. For the first time, a collective global effort attempts to address these questions.

In her foreword, Professor Anne Gregory, Former Chair of the Global Alliance and Chair of Corporate Communication at the University of Huddersfield, writes "this new book by IC Kollectif makes a major contribution to the exploration of the rich and complex work of internal communication. The collection of contributing authors is first class: drawn from across the world and all with a record of being thought leaders in the area as well as experienced practitioners."

Disrupting the IC Function - A Global Perspective offers a comprehensive reference section and eight chapters:

Chapter 1. Changes and Challenges looks at how turbulent times impacts the profession and how internal communication professionals can deal with these issues.


Roger D’Aprix, United States

Marc B. Do Amaral, Netherlands

Alex Malouf, United Arab Emiretas

Per Zetterquist, Sweden

Chapter 2. Skills and Knowledge of Internal Communication Professionals sheds light on the main skills and talents that will drive IC going forward.


Claire Watson, Canada

Liam FitzPatrick, United Kingdom

Alejandro Formanchuk, Argentina

Deborah Hinton, Canada

Chapter 3. Impact of Technology on the Profession discusses the extent to which changes in technology will drive and/or impact on internal communication into the future, and the role that IC professionals should play in this context.


Sean Williams, United States

Brad Whitworth, United States

Sia Papageorgiou, Australia

Catherine St. Onge, Canada

Chapter 4. Leadership Role of IC Professionals examines the need for IC professionals to step up and take ownership of their role as a leader, why this has become paramount to the practice, and provides advice to practitioners to succeed in this new role.


Dr Amanda Hamilton-Attwell , South Africa

Stephen Welch, United Kingdom

Barbara Fagan-Smith, United States

Tarnya Dunning, Australia

Chapter 5. Employee Advocacy is discussed from the new research perspective showing that employee engagement has grown far beyond the common definition, moving toward employee advocacy. The authors discuss their views on the subject and what this mean for internal communication professionals.


Dr Leandro Herrero, United Kingdom

Priya Bates, Canada

Jen Shatwell, United States

Saskia Jones, United Kingdom

Chapter 6. Convergence and Integration of Communication Disciplines takes a look at how the traditional lines between internal and external communication are blurring from key messages to audience analysis, strategies and channels and what this means to the future of the internal communication function.


Adrian Cropley, Australia

Cameron Craig, United States

Rand Lalaina, Madagascar

Chapter 7. Collaboration Between Internal Communication and Other Disciplines insists on the necessity for IC to work closely with other disciplines, such as external communication, marketing and others, and suggests approaches that should be considered for the benefits of the organization.


Jim Shaffer, United States

Jonathan Champ, Australia

Zora Artis, Australia

Chapter 8. Future of the Profession examines how the rules of internal communication have changed and are changing, and makes recommendations on how communication professionals should be dealing with those.


Dr Kevin Ruck, United Kingdom

Mike Klein, Netherlands

Rita Zonius, Australia

Aniisu K. Verghese, India

We hope that this book will become a conversation-starter and will be used as a starting point for discussion, debate and collaboration among communication professionnals in blogs, formal and informal discussions, and even within communication teams as well as any functions with a human-talent leadership role, in organizations.

"That this volume is available free", writes Professor Gregory, "is testament to the commitment of these authors of IC Kollectif to share their work and thinking widely for the benefit of the global internal communication community. For this, our professional community is deeply grateful."

We want to thank our sponsors for their significant support: the Center for Strategic Communication Excellence and Cropley Communication, DevFacto Technologies, ROI Communication, IABC, SocialChorus, the Institute for Public Relations and the Employee Engagement Awards.

About IC Kollectif

IC Kollectif is a Montréal-based nonprofit organization connecting communication professionals with knowledge, research and the community of expertise that are focused internal and organizational communication globally. We are the only organization exclusively dedicated to aggregating and facilitating access to relevant IC knowledge, resources and research from around the world. Known for its global reach in the internal communication profession, the website has an international following of professionals in more than 110 countries. IC Kollectif has contributors from every continent and international partnerships with organizations in North America, the UK, Europe, Australia and in Africa.

IC Kollectif is a global independent nonprofit organization. All editorial content is published independently and without the influence of any advertiser, commercial sponsor or partner.

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