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Time to Show our Commitment to Ethical Communication

Lise Michaud

Several PR organizations from around the world recently reacted against the era of 'alternative facts', including PRSA, CIPR and IPRA. A few days ago, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) launched a petition to publicly stand for transparent and ethical professional communication.

"Alternative facts - as a term for inaccurate information - have no place in professional communication," indicated IABC Chair Dianne Chase, in a recent post.

IABC invites all of us to sign the petition to show our commitment to ethical communication at all levels. The petition is open to members AND non-members of IABC : "You don’t need to be a member of IABC to stand with us. Please share the link with colleagues around the world to show our solidarity on this key principle."

IABC/Montréal also published a blog post, A matter of principle, to invite all professionals to sign and share the petition: "IABC/Montréal appreciates any support you can provide in sharing this petition via your social platforms and networks of influence. Together, let us remind our employers, clients and stakeholders that the fantastically talented and creative women and men active across our industry are also constant and vigilant reputation stewards."

You can sign the petition here :

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