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RESEARCH: IC Kollectif Partners With IPRRC

Lise Michaud

IC Kollectif is thrilled to announce its partnership with the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), where researchers and practitioners from around the world will meet in Orlando, March 8 to 12, 2017. The annual conference has become one of the top venues for presentation of innovative PR research and for interaction among scholars and professionals. “It is a real honour to be officially associated with such a prestigious event where organizational, internal and employee communication research is also part of the agenda,” commented Lise Michaud, Founder of IC Kollectif.

“We are delighted that IC Kollectif is joining us to help promote the 20th International Public Relations Research Conference,” indicated Melissa Dodd, Conference Director. "It is really encouraging to see an organization dedicated to employee and organizational communication having such a great interest for communication research. We applaud their effort to help connecting research to practice.”

Bridge communication research with practitioners

The ambition of IC Kollectif is to become the go-to reference in the Organizational and Employee Communication space by providing distinctive high-quality sources and content to support top practitioners. “To achieve this, communication research is not only a component that can’t be ignored, but one that needs to be an integral part of the information we provide. We want to play an active role in helping to bridge communication research with global communication professionals. This goal is in line with this partnership and the new Communication Research section we are developing on our website,” said Lise Michaud.

An invitation to practitioners

At IPRRC, small-group discussions evenly split between presentation and Q and A is the order of the day, rather than one-way presentations. Sean Williams, Owner of CommAMMO, is also a Member of the Advisory Board of the IPRRC. He strongly encourages communication practitioners to participate to the conference: “Research presentations at the IPRRC represent some of the most cutting-edge work in our business. There is no other conference that offers the intellectual stimulation of being surrounded by so many truly smart, accomplished people engaged in the practice and study of PR. It is a terrific conference and we all will learn a lot. We practitioners also will have the chance to influence the academy. Our perspectives are crucial because the research has to be relevant to be good! I hope more of my practice colleagues will come."

Find out more on the importance of the International Public Relations Research Conference for Organizational and Employee Communication in this interview with Sean Williams. Consult the IPRRC’s website for details about the conference at:

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