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Finally, the Right Tool for the Job

Lise Michaud

The following is part of our most recent publication released online, "IC in 2017 & 2018 FROM HOPE TO REALITY How Far We've Come | The Road Ahead." Looking back at their greatest hope for the IC profession in 2017 in terms of where the discipline should be, 21 communication professionals from different countries answer two questions: How far have we actually come in 2017? What remains to be done in 2018?

Katie Macaulay, Managing Director at AB, shares her views on the progress made these past months, to what extent she believes her hope has translated into reality, and what remains to be done in 2018. To read the views of all contributors, download the free 42-page eBook here.


Communication in the workplace has come a long way since the birth of the industrial revolution. Now we know communication should not merely instruct and inform. It should inspire, embolden and energise. What we do is no longer a side-of-desk activity, but a recognised and valued profession. I hope the year ahead is marked by bravery. Let’s tell the best stories, spark the most interesting conversations and turn employees from passive recipients of a message into fans and followers. Let’s create a workforce of active subscribers – people who, given the option, would choose our content over others. Sure, we don’t have mega budgets or massive teams. But these limitations just require greater imagination. We work in interesting times. 2017 is the year to be bold and give convention the elbow.


How far we've come. Next steps.

My hope for 2017 has not been achieved in its entirety but I believe we will look back on this year as a turning point.

I have long hoped we would turn employees from passive recipients of a message into fans and followers. But all too often this required an uphill struggle on behalf of some very resilient and determined communicators. Much of the problem stemmed from inadequate tools. Enterprise-only social media platforms were often clunky and unintuitive. They needed ‘digital adoption’ programs with champions, trainers and leadership sponsorship.

This year we conducted an experiment at AB. We introduced Workplace – Facebook’s new collaboration tool for colleagues. It was like flicking a switch.

We had 90 percent adoption in days. Within weeks it was changing the way we work. Collaboration, especially across functions, started to increase. The rate and quality of the information and ideas we were sharing was unparalleled. The everyday familiarity of this tool and the deep pockets of its creators are game-changing. Those of us keen to improve the quality and value of workplace communication now have a tool equal to the job.

Our focus is creating a best practice approach to adopting Workplace, responding to its analytics wisely and creating compelling social content that sparks conversation. After all, even the very best channels need a great story.

By finally being able to connect and converse with ease, we are opening the door to endless possibilities, entering a new era in employee communication and realizing benefits we have not yet imagined.

Click here to download the free 42-page eBook "IC in 2017 & 2018 FROM HOPE TO REALITY How Far We've Come | The Road Ahead."

Katie Macaulay

Managing Director, AB



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