Challenges of the UK Corporate Communications Profession

Lise Michaud

VMA group released today (March 14, 2017) a comprehensive research report which focuses on the UK corporate communications profession. Here are some of the key findings.


While 69% of respondents say they have a formal communication strategy within their organization, this still leaves too many organizations (31%) without such a fundamental mark of professionalism. "Having a formal communication strategy is a fundamental practice that serves as a blueprint to communicating with stakeholders and ensures the profession is one step further in removing the dated mislabeling of being a ‘reactive function’ or ‘ finesse merchants’. " suggests the report.

Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Only 54% of respondents strongly agree/
agree that progress towards communications objectives are researched, measured and evaluated with metrics and KPIs.

"A well thought through strategy is a must. Without it, you’re driving a car with a set of broken headlights in the dead of night. That could be a fatal combination." Mark Cullen, Director Brand, Marketing and Communications
 EMEIA Financial Services Ernst & Young LLP

Influence of Communications

If 66% of communications teams have a reporting line to a board member, only 27% of respondents say that a communication professional is sitting on their company's board. For 19%, their co