NEW STUDY: The State of Internal Communication in India

Lise Michaud

Crimson Communicare LLP released its first edition of 'State of Internal Communication in India' Study, focussing exclusively on in-house IC practitioners.

Respondents from 149 organisations across more than 30 industrial sectors participated in the survey. "The communication universe in India is quite large and diversified. Consequently, we cannot say the results of this survey are representative of the entire IC space in India. Nevertheless, despite the limited scope, sample size and coverage, the results do show that contrary to the popular belief and perception, a large number of organisations in India have well-established IC departments and regularly

invest in tools and technologies to engage and inspire their employees." indicates the report.

A Baseline Survey

Saima Sharif is the co-founder and Director of Crimson Communicare LLP. She comments: "Many organisations are doing amazing work in Internal Communication space in India. Through this comprehensive study, we identify the current best practices, emerging trends, new technologies and critical challenges of the IC sector in India. This baseline survey will help us determine where we are, and how much we have moved over a particular period. In later editions, we will also benchmark our findings against similar international internal communication trends and best practices. We plan to do this study once every two years."

Here are some of the key findings of the survey.

Internal Communication Role

- 32% were exclusively dedicated to IC

- 62% managed IC as an additional responsibility

- 6% were indirectly responsible for IC (HR or

Corporate Affairs)

Additional responsibilities of IC professionals

76% External Comms | 24 % Corporate Affairs | 30% Marketing | 31% Others (Social Media, Events)