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'Science for PR' Brings Insights From the Most Diverse Scientific Disciplines

Lise Michaud

Science for PR was officially launched today by its founder and editor-in-chief, Jo Detavernier. The new website is a not-for-profit project that aims to bring insights to communication professionals from the most diverse scientific disciplines. "The aim is not to compete with other sites or blogs. Every site has its own niche to cater to. The unique value proposition of Science for PR is to offer new and valuable insights to communications professionals from all over the world," says the communication consultant

The new blog will focus on all communication disciplines that are included under the umbrella of public relations, including internal communication. "I understand that there are different definitions of public relations in use. But for me, public relations pertains to the establishment and maintenance of relationships with key constituencies. So yes, internal communication falls within the scope of Science for PR because there is no stakeholder group more important for companies than their own employees!" explains Jo Detavernier, who has been in the PR world for more than 12 years. He worked in PR agencies in Brussels and has been a partner with a PR and Marketing agency in Austin, Texas, for the past 2 years.

Science for PR is supported by an impressive Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of in-house PR practitioners, academics and journalists. The EAB won’t review the blog posts. It is rather a sounding board giving input into the planning process of the project and offering strategic counsel to the founder, as Editor in chief.

The members of the Editorial Advisory Board include :

  • Joep Cornelissen, Professor Corporate Communication and Management at Rotterdam School of Management;

  • An-Sofie Claeys, Assistant-Professor Communication Sciences at KU Leuven;

  • Olga Mayoral Wilson, Senior Lecturer Public Relations at Texas State University;

  • Ans Hekkenberg, Head of Communication Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica;

  • Liesbeth Gijsel, Editor-in-chief of Eos Psyche&Brein;

  • Minna Logemann, Professor of Practice at Aalto University School of Business;

  • Muriel Mathis, Director Global Communication at Trend Micro; and

  • Terrence Metz, Principal of MG Rush Professional Facilitation Training.

Jo Detavernier

Science for PR welcomes guest posts from anyone who has content to contribute that falls within the scope of the project. Contributors must first submit their idea via this link.

Picture: Jo Detavernier

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