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Challenges and Opportunities for IC in Pakistan

Lise Michaud

Our second interview part of our series IC Around The World takes us to Pakistan, where we meet with communication consultant Sohaib Mustafa.

The co-founder of Wordsmith tells us how internal communication has developed in Pakistan in recent years, what he sees as the greatest challenges for internal communication in his country as well as the biggest opportunities for IC in the next years. Here's an excerpt:

"The greatest challenge that internal communication faces in Pakistan

is the awareness of the discipline among the top management... CEOs

of existing organizations don’t think this is a required discipline and thus

you don’t see dedicated departments emerge in the biggest of organizations.

This in turn does not let Internal Communication become an academic

reality either. For this reason you don’t see new companies

adopting the discipline."

Sohaib also shares who are the international internal comms experts and personalities he is paying attention to the most.

IC Around The World is a weekly series of interviews with communication professionals from around the globe working in the field of internal communication. They share their views on the practice of internal communication in their countries, and tell us who and what they are paying attention to in the world of IC.

Would you like to share your views?​

We want to share the views of senior communication professionals from as many countries as possible. We may publish interviews with more than one professional working in the same country. However, we will give priority to those working in countries that haven't been featured yet. If you are a senior communication practitioner and would like to share your views on the practice of internal communication in your country, please send us an email at by indicating:​

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