SOS 2017: Priorities & Challenges

Lise Michaud

Gatehouse released today the 9th edition of the annual State of the Sector Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Report. A total of 451 communication professionals from around the world responded to the survey conducted in November 2016. The SOS 2017 provides a global perspective on all aspects of internal communication practice - from channel use and message effectiveness, to leader and line manager communication, measurement and evaluation.

We were lucky enough to get an early copy of the 20-page report. In this post, we focus on the results related to the following IC topics: purpose, priorities, challenges, feedback and impact measurement. Make time to read the whole report to better understand how other organizations manage internal communication and engage their people and, to get a sense of the state of the practice around the globe.

In the next few days and weeks, as we come across blog posts and interviews on the results of the survey, we're adding those links at the end of this post for easy reference.

2017 IC purpose, priorities and challenges


  • 84% believe IC has a clearly stated purpose inside their organization