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The story behind IC Kollectif on ICology

Lise Michaud

IC Kollectif is proud to be featured on episode 31 of ICology podcast. In this interview, I talk with host Chuck Gose about this unique resource for global communication professionals. The conversation focuses on :

  • IC Kollectif : the project, its purpose

  • what the IC Kollectif website offers

  • how the IC industry and communication professionals around the world have responded to the initiative

  • current and future plans for IC Kollectif

Listen to the episode here. The transcript is also available on the ICology website.

Connect with IC Kollectif

About ICology

In a field of practice in constant evolution and facing great challenges, ICology via its podcast and now its new website, is a much-needed resource for internal communication professionals. ICology celebrates its first anniversary this week, on August 31. The founder, Chuck Gose, describes ICology in those words : « ICology is about interesting people doing interesting things in the world of internal communications.» The initiative aims to achieve a great understanding and appreciation of the impact internal communications has with employees and companies.

« But it's also about encouraging internal communicators to share their successes and their failures. » adds Chuck Gose. « Internal communicators, by the very nature of the name, tend to keep things internal. Yet they want to hear stories about how other companies and communicators are solving employee communication issues. This might sound a bit hypocritical but ICology is a safe place for communicators to share their stories. . . the good and the bad. »

To keep up to date and never miss an episode, subscribe here. Connect with ICology via its new website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

IC Kollectif is a global independent nonprofit organization. All editorial content is published independently and without the influence of any advertiser, commercial sponsor or partner.

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