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IC Kollectif Featured in Collaboration@Work

Lise Michaud

IC Kollectif was recently interviewed by Peggy L. Bieniek for Collaboration@Work, a series of features dedicated to share collaboration best practices that inspire highly engaged, productive environments.

The blog post takes a look at how the initiative got started, what inspired IC Kollectif to support communication professionals, how its efforts promote collaboration, the key features and benefits of the new website, and what's next in the collaboration journey for IC Kollectif.

To the question "How does IC Kollectif's website tell the story of your business?" we had this answer : "The IC Kollectif website celebrates the people and the organizations around the world who offer relevant content in organizational communication. We do this by taking a valuable role in bringing these sources and resources under one roof and in pointing communication professionals in the direction of useful information and connections to empower them in addressing their day-to-day professional challenges."

Access the blog post here to learn how we help communication professionals connect with knowledge, resources and our global community.

About Peggy L. Bieniek

Peggy L. Bieniek ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator with 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing best practice communication programs in corporate environments. She is an expert blogger on communication best practices, customer experience, media insights, market research, and innovation. Connect with Peggy on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and on her website at

IC Kollectif is a global independent nonprofit organization. All editorial content is published independently and without the influence of any advertiser, commercial sponsor or partner.

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