Who are the top IC Thought Leaders?

Lise Michaud

IC Kollectif posted the following question to communication professionals via its Twitter account, in April 2016:

"Who are the IC thought leaders you are reading or listening to these days ?"

We were curious to hear from our followers who they consider to be the consultants and practitioners who actively share their insights with the larger profession and who are also perceived as trusted sources.

Over fifty people and company names were initially submitted to us via replies and DM and the list has been growing ever since. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share these names with us, as well as all the people who kindly retweeted our question to their own followers.

Any other IC thought leaders you are reading or listening to these days ? Please share their names with us!

You can find the names submitted as the top IC Thought Leaders, listed in alphabetical order, here.

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