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IC Kollectif Launches a Global Website

Lise Michaud

In an effort to connect communication professionals around the world with the best resources and connections available, Montreal-based IC Kollectif is launching a global website to complement its ongoing social media activities.

The website is the latest step in a short but exciting journey towards becoming an inclusive global resource for professionals in internal communication and other strategic and business communication disciplines.

We have grown dramatically in the last five months. We went from having no Twitter followers to more than 1500. More significantly, we have grown organically and globally, bringing together in-house communication practitioners, IC thought leaders, consultants, professional associations and other interested participants from across five continents.

Some endorsements include praise from several leading figures in the professional communication world. Mike Klein, in his Netherlands-based blog, Changing The Terms, called IC Kollectif « a potent example » of an effort that accelerates connection between communication professionals, and expands their access to resources and networks. Adrian Cropley, CEO at Australia-based Cropley Communication commanded IC Kollectif for all it does “in strengthening our profession and for taking a valuable role in pointing communication professionals in the direction of relevant and impactful content.” US-based Paul Barton wrote “IC Kollectif brings the brightest people and the best ideas together in a unique way that is inspiring and enlightening to the profession ».

IC Kollectif launched last February with support from the Montreal chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators and is the Association’s first global initiative to emerge from a local chapter. Recently, IC Kollectif forged alliances with Australia’s Cropley Communication and US-based ALI conferences to expand its reach into educational offerings for communication professionals.

The website aims to extend IC Kollectif’s burgeoning global footprint further.

Web content was the natural progression for IC Kollectif. Our aim over the next 6-18 months is to become a must-visit resource for communication professionals eager to stay on the cutting edge of practice and who value a strategic approach to communication management and leadership.

IC Kollectif is a global independent nonprofit organization. All editorial content is published independently and without the influence of any advertiser, commercial sponsor or partner.

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