MEASUREMENT & EVALUATION: Standards, Frameworks and Resources

Interviews, articles and other resources are available here.

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Research Report 2019: Measurement and ROI for Internal Communication,

CIPR Inside, in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication.  

A Delphi study to identify standards for internal communication 

Measurement  & Reporting:

A series of research-based tools developed by the Academic Society for Management & Communication

Bacelona Principles 2.0 


Measurement: Linking Internal to Business Results

ResearchBrief Series

AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework

GCS Evaluation Framework

Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research, by Don Stacks and Shannon Bowen

The Next Level Global Report

Measurement Resources from page 141. 

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EBOOK - Demonstrating the Value of Communication. Perspectives and advice on communication measurement & evaluation, by Jesper Andersen with contributions from ten authors. 2nd edition. Supported by AMEC.

Guide: The PR Professionals's Definitive Guide to Measurement. AMEC, PRCA, ICCO

CIPR Inside Communication Measurement Matrix