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Please Note


We don’t respond to requests from:

  • Anyone not related to the field of communication professionally in one way or another, including but not limited to:

  • Freelanced/ professional writers* 

  • Marketing writers/consultants*

  • IT consultants/professionals


We don't respond to the following requests and offers: 

  • Paid Guests Posts 

  • Guest Posts with backlinks to unrelated external content 

  • Requests to include, into our published blog posts, backlinks to unrelated external content. 

  • IT Services & Web Solutions including but not limited to:

  • Website Development 

  • Website Visibility

  • Mobile Apps Development -

  • Web Portal Development  

  • Apps/ Social Networking Apps  


* Related to paid guests posts, or not.


We're always happy to hear your comments and to answer your requests. However, before submitting a request and/or an offer, please ensure that it is not related to any items listed on this page.  

Success! Message received.

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