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The Comms Expert Series 

IC Training -The Comms Expert Series-

IC Kollectif is proud to partner with esmdee, and to support in exclusivity The Comms Expert Series created by employee communication expert Sue Dewhurst.


Every internal communication (IC) professional needs to be strategic - use communication as a business enabler, work collaboratively - help others see and use the power of communication and help organizations transform - smooth the path and help behavior change happen.


Adding value in your organization – and being seen as valuable by others – depends on being able to use communication in a way that changes behaviours and contributes to business results. It means being able to build trust, develop relationships, coach and facilitate. And it’s about understanding some fundamental psychological principles – about why change feels difficult and how behaviours change, for instance. All this requires strong foundations. That is where esmdee comes in. Esmdee understands the fundamental skills and principles that make a truly effective internal communication professional. Over the years, they’ve helped thousands of practitioners to build them. They can help you too.



About the workshops

The series offers three workshops, available in-house or open house, each taking place over three consecutive days.


Strategic Comms Expert

This course appeals to people who liked the content Sue Dewhurst previously produced at Melcrum, people in any kind of comms role, whether you are relatively new to IC or have a good few years' experience. Some participants said it has given them a structure and brought confidence to what they do. Others have said they have been working in internal comms for years ... and only now have the lightbulb illuminating what it's really about. 


Collaborative Comms Expert 

Most important is that anyone attending is absolutely confident that they're using comms strategically already. If not, go for Strategic Comms Expert first. Think of this workshop as the conversations behind the plan. It's about being able to tell your story, influence, coach, facilitate, manage your own confidence/responses, and shift your focus from being the person who takes complete responsibility for communication, to someone who helps others to use communication effectively.


Transformational Comms Expert 

Again, participants should be confident they are already using communication in a strategic way. This workshop builds on those foundations by focusing on helping people (and organizations) have a less threatening experience of change, looking at the science of why people do/don't change their behaviour and what this means to internal communication professionals, and reviewing a few classic approaches to change along the way. It's about change through a lens of neuro/behavioural science.


 Each workshop offers expert:

  • Thinking – the theory, latest research and, perspectives.

  • Tools - practical frameworks, tips and tools that you can take away and use from day one.

  • Questioning - inviting you to think about where you invest your time, ways of working, the impact you’re making and look for opportunities to make a bigger difference.

  • Networks - you’ll share experiences and learn from fellow participants, and have a chance to work with everyone else in the group.


Discount code: Use the code 'ICKollectif' and save 10% on registration fees for workshops.  


For more information:  To learn more on the series and the workshops, visit the esmdee website at


Get in touch: To reach esmdee via email, click here (

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