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How to improve employee experience with technology

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - If you find the technology landscape overwhelming, you’re not alone. And before you explore options of new tools to onboard, start in your own backyard first by assessing your current tools and evaluating the current effectiveness of your digital workplace. 

The Differentiator:

C-suiters see Internal Communication as driver of competitive advantage

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Those who take their internal communication challenges and opportunities seriously have the chance to use internal communication as an immediate driver of differentiation and competitive advantage.

Reflections on 36 conversations

Unpacking the present and future of internal communication

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Q&A with Mike Klein on his research for Happeo on the present and future of internal communication.

The cutting edge of employee engagement - A study in internal communications excellence

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - From identifying the issues, through weighing up options, to strategy and implementation, this is a study in internal communications excellence that everyone can benefit from.

Why 360-degree campaigns are the cure for message fatigue and communications overload

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Take a second to look around your workplace – what do you observe? Staff pounding away at their keyboards responding to emails, mobile phone notifications pinging insistently, colleagues or customers raising questions?

How to connect thousands of dispersed employees and make a positive difference in patient care

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Made up of seven hospitals, 19 urgent care centers, nearly 100 physician offices and 1,600 clinics, Piedmont challenged themselves to find an intranet platform that would deliver the unique destination their employees needed. Learn how Interact Software met the challenge.

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Previous blog posts  

Sponsor Insights

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Changing the trajectory - why IC needs to seize the initiative now to lead the communication of the future

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - This article introduces the 12 conclusions of Happeo’s research into the Present and Future of Internal Communication. 

Time to blow up the Management Conference?

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Is it time to blow up the Management Conference? Thoughts on getting the most out of internal communication spend.

6 simple ways internal communication can be improved in the workplace

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - From identifying the issues, through weighing up options, to strategy and implementation, this is a study in internal communications excellence that everyone can benefit from.

Why your internal communications campaigns failed (and what they needed to succeed)

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - There are few things more dispiriting than seeing the internal communications campaign you developed disappear Titanic-like into the depths. Not only is it demoralizing, it’s a waste of hard work and effort – as well as a massive lost opportunity for the business.

The end of the beginning

A new shape for the future of internal communication emerges

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Having in my first report described the present situation in Internal Communication as largely unchanged over its first twenty years as a distinct corporate function, my second report identifies some emerging trends that will define a sharply different future, and one that is quickly unfolding.

Light at the end of the tunnel - or oncoming trains at high speed?

SPONSOR INSIGHTS - Practitioners highlight current IC challenges in Happeo’s new qualitative research report. IC professionals continue to want to position themselves as strategic partners to senior management, but find their organizational credibility and their ability to remain in their roles dependent on meeting increasingly pressurized tactical demands from senior leaders. 

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