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Communicators as Change Agents

Lise Michaud

Caroline Kealey and her team created a new resource called the Change Agent’s Playbook, the latest Results Map knowledge product.

"While working on change communications and change management is some of the most strategic, worthwhile and transformative work a communicator can do, it’s also among the most perilous and challenging. Large scale transformation often triggers anxiety, disruption and destabilization. Tensions and demands run high while resourcing and clarity of direction are at an all time low. It’s vital for internal communicators to be set up for success in their change roles – to be positioned to maximize the positive opportunity of change work while mitigating the very real risks.​

Find out more about the new resource in this article by Caroline Kealey, Principal and Founder of Ingenium Communications, published in the section 'Sponsor Insights'.


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