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What is the Role of Communicators in Africa's Development?

Lise Michaud

We are delighted to announce that we have signed a content partnership agreement with Africa Communications Week (ACW) for the ACW campaign, starting April 21 until May 26, 2017. The Africa Communications Week will be taking place from 22-26 May 2017. We are equally proud to support the worldwide campaign alongside World Communication Forum Association, the official partner of ACW.

"ACW is extremely excited to partner with IC Kollectif to connect and engage communications professionals from all around the globe. A truly global collective, IC Kollectif offers a wealth of resources for communicators that are extremely useful in helping us do our jobs better!" indicated Eniola Harrison, Co-founder, Communication and Engagement at ACW.

Africa Communications Week is powered by a virtual international team of multi-talented communications professionals who share a vision for transformative change in Africa through strategic communications. At the heart of this global campaign, one question:

"What is the role of Communicators in Africa's development?"

Why now?

"The continent is at a major turning point in its history. In order to harness the massive potential in human and economic resources for the future, we will have to turn inwards and engage in dialogue and nation building. The communications profession on the continent, though untapped is well suited to this role. It's time to critically assess our role and impact and take more deliberate actions to shaping Africa's narrative." explained Eniola Harrison.

This post explains why we need to critically assess the role of communicators in Africa’s development.

Key Features

ACW is hosting a series of conferences, workshops and webinars around the world to encourage Africa focused communications professionals connect, engage and reflect on the role of communications in Africa’s development.

As part of the highlights of the campaign, a special report examining the impact of communications on Africa’s development will be published featuring the research and informed opinions of communication experts from over 40 countries. IC Kollectif is thrilled to have been invited to contribute to this report.

Who is this for?

Africa Communications Week is for all of us. It is targeting and open to all communication professionals with an expertise/interest in Africa, from African countries and across the globe. It is also intended to multinational organizations, government institutions, academia, civil society organizations, NGOs and the media.

Three reasons to pay attention

Raise awareness: Communication professionals are invited to critically assess the role of the communication industry in Africa’s development.

Networking: A global movement to connect PR and communications practitioners with an expertise/interest in Africa.

Partnership: Engage the massive potential, creativity and competences across the African continent.

The people behind the global initiative:

Call to action


IC Kollectif is a global independent nonprofit organization. All editorial content is published independently and without the influence of any advertiser, commercial sponsor or partner.

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