Part 3| Hopes for IC in the New Year

Lise Michaud

In this third post on wishes for the profession of internal communication for 2017, IC experts Claire Watson, Mike Klein, Jen Shatwell and Marc Do Amaral invite practitioners to manage communication strategically, to challenge our clients and bosses when necessary, to take responsibility in improving mid-level manager communication effectiveness, to remember essential human values, and more.

« My biggest hope for internal communication during 2017 is that the executive team embraces internal communication as a key business driver that has a halo effect on all business operations. In doing so, internal communication is elevated to the decision-making table, consulted in advance of key business decisions so that communication professionals can harness the power of communication to help drive business results. My hope for internal communication professionals is that they manage communication strategically, demonstrating its value in ways that forever change the way that business operates. »

Claire Watson

Vice President, Strategic Communication Management, Cropley Communication