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The Power of Social Ambassadors in Your Organization

By Laura Konsorada, Marketing Manager at DevFacto Technologies

Let’s start with some numbers:


  • Devices - Statistica 2017 forecasts that 63% of the world’s population will own a mobile device by 2019.

  • Apps - Facebook has 2 billion active users a month, Twitter has 328 million and Instagram has 800 million.


People are more connected than ever before. They express opinions. They influence others. They have a tremendous impact on social issues, public opinion, companies and brands.


Smart companies are already leveraging the social networks of their most credible ambassadors – their employees. Weber Shandwick’s 2014 study, Employees Rising, found that “nearly six in 10 either defended their employer to family and friends or in a more public venue — such as on a website, blog, or in a newspaper.”




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Analysis of the research says, “What some employers don’t realize is how critical social media is to employee engagement and how it fuels employee activism. While many employers are fearful that their employees will destroy their reputations with one easy click of a social media “share” button, the fact is that we now live in an always-connected-online world that is not going to reverse course.”


Employees are sharing socially. For many, the divide between work and personal lives barely exists. For employers, the opportunity and challenge is to embrace this new reality and understand what drives employees to be positive activists. While it is not feasible for every company or every sector to embrace social media, all employers need to be prepared to rally their employee activists and strive to have their supporters outnumber their detractors.

A Social Love Affair
Our love affair with social media has a significant impact in the marketplace. The world is increasingly connected, social, mobile and transparent. Growing employee ambassadors encourages an internal culture of engagement and provides strong, credible voices in the marketplace that build reputation and sell products and services.


Brandwatch says employees are your best untapped storytellers.  “The true value of an employee as an influencer is more than just the projection of your message to their networks. It’s also about understanding that every employee, every individual is a micro-influencer in their own right.”

Getting From Here to There


The question now becomes, “How do we get from here to there?”. Given the pace of business and the demands on employees for their time and talent while they’re on the job, how can companies take the next step and enable employees to share stories without creating an even heavier workload?


It starts at the top with commitment from the CEO and senior executive team to encourage team members to talk about the company through their social network. Share information, engage employees in storytelling and make it easy.

A tool like Sparrow, by DevFacto Technologies makes growing employee advocacy and creating social ambassadors simple. An internal communications application, Sparrow empowers employees to quickly and easily share company news directly to their own social networks from their own mobile device.


In addition to providing real time data analytics on internal readership and consumption, Sparrow tracks social sharing to help inform decision making and measure results around social advocacy initiatives.

Overall, Sparrow enables organizations to connect by pushing relevant internal communication directly to employee mobile devices. Segmenting and targeting audiences is easy as employees subscribe to the channels that matter most to them, ensuring they receive company communication that is relevant to them, when they want to receive it, on the device they use most.

Enabling employee advocacy and empowering social ambassadors is becoming a priority for leading organizations. Those that engage their workforces are the ones who will succeed. Those that stall will inevitably play catch up in the marketplace. The data and facts supporting a new evolution of the workforce are undeniable. We invite you to contact the team at Sparrow for a demo to see how Sparrow can support social advocacy and internal communication in your organization.

Laura Konsorada, B.Comm., is the Marketing Manager at DevFacto Technologies, an I.T. consulting and product company based out of Edmonton, Canada. With responsibility for brand management, marketing programs and strategy, Laura enjoys working with diverse teams to cultivate fresh perspectives for delivering business results. As a recent appointment to the IABC Edmonton board, Laura looks forward to expanding her foray into the world of communications.