New Blog Post Series

    Lise Michaud

    We asked internal communication thought leaders from different parts of the world what their hopes are for the IC profession for 2017. These thoughts will be published in 5 blog posts from December 19 to December 23.

    Part 1

    Cameron Craig, Rita Zonius, Stephen Welch, Priya Bates

    Part 2

    Jim Shaffer, Kevin Ruck, Aniisu K. Verghese, Jonathan Champ, Paul Barton

    Part 3

    Claire Watson, Mike Klein, Jen Shatwell, Marc Do. Amaral

    Part 4

    Lee Smith, Sean Williams, Jane Revell, Alan Oram, Shel Holtz, Katie Macaulay

    Part 5

    Liam FitzPatrick, Adrian Cropley, Caroline Kealey, Rachel Miller, David Grossman, Peggy L. Bieniek

    Blog series:

    Part 1 - What we hope for IC in 2017

    Part 2 - IC experts on the profession of IC

    Part 3 - Hopes for IC in the new year

    Part 4 - Wishes for the profession of IC

    Part 5 - What IC needs in 2017

    Updated December 23, 2016

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