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Professor Anne Gregory PhD, FCIPR, CIPR

Former Chair, 
Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management & Chair of Corporate Communication University of Huddersfield

This new book by IC Kollectif makes a major contribution to the exploration of the rich and complex work of internal communication.The collection of contributing authors is first class, drawn from across the world and all with a record of being thought leaders in the area as well as experienced practitioners.Their chapters range across the skills and knowledge that are required of the high-performing internal communication professional, to how internal and external relations need to be aligned, to the leadership role that IC specialists need because at the heart of organisations and organising is communication. A welcome chapter on the future of internal communication rounds of this excellent volume.

That this volume is available free is testament to the commitment of these authors of IC Kollectif to share their work and thinking widely for the benefit of the global internal communication community. For this, our professional community is deeply grateful.


International Association of Business Communicators

Since IC Kollectif launched in early 2016, its importance to the IABC network and to the wider communication profession has grown and grown. As a dynamic source of knowledge, resources and research, IC Kollectif is an indispensable hub for our global profession. We’re excited to support IC Kollectif’s inaugural publication of internal communication insights to help us advance our profession, drive the value of business communication, create meaningful connections and develop strategic communication professionals.

Jim Shaffer, IABC Fellow, SHRM

Jim Shaffer Group, US

Organization communication professionals around the world are fortunate to have the credible and comprehensive resource that IC Kollectif provides us. If we’re looking for the right question or the right answer related to organization communication, we know IC Kollectif is the source to turn to. Thank you for all you do for this profession.

Shel Holtz, ABC

Holtz Communication + Technology, US

IC Kollectif has rapidly become a go-to resource for anything and everything related to employee communications. A one-stop shop for research, experts, and ideas has been missing from the web until Lise Michaud poured her heart and soul into this vital website for anyone working in internal communication. Hardly a week goes by that I don't find myself using it. r

Elizabeth Hirst

Communications consultant and university lectures, Canada

From Twiiter : Lise Michaud does amazing curating work. IC Kollectif is going to be my go-to place for Comms/PR info and course preparation at #mcgillPR (McGill University).

Mike Klein

Principal, Changing The Terms, Netherlands

IC Kollectif has been a real source of strength for IC pros over the last year - a center of excellence that is global and personal, in-depth and inclusive, and which helps amplify voices and accelerate ideas.

I have often said that “if IC Kollectif didn’t exist, we would have to invent it! It feeds into the state of the profession. There are a lot of commercial players trying to sell their little bits and pieces of training, or knowledge, or access to networks. But IC Kollectif is doing something much bigger: aggregating and collecting a lot of good stuff and building a truly global IC community, as opposed to a London community or a North American community. It has IABC roots but it has a true internal comms focus.  It works with conference organizers but it isn’t in business to sell conference seats.  No one has been doing this, and you’ve been doing a great job with limited time and resources.

Ella Minty,FInstLM FoundChartPR MCIPR MIoD

Reputation Management Consultant, UK

For those PR practitioners who are seeking alternative sources of information, study and knowledge sharing, IC Kollectif is a great platform of aggregated experiences and learnings from practitioners across the globe.

Sean Williams, MA

Owner, Communication AMMO, Inc., US

I appreciate IC Kollectif because you bring relevant internal communication thinking and research to the fore in a way that is accessible and respectful.  

Andrew Harvey

Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Marketing VMA Group, UK

During the last 10 years the IC sector has changed in many ways. One of the most positive changes I’ve seen is the availability and growth of Internal Comms ‘information, insight and knowledge’ we can now find and access. There are more IC surveys, case studies, books, whitepapers, blogs, interviews, science and insight on the subject of IC than there has ever been and I strongly believe that by immersing ourselves in this knowledge and taking every opportunity to learn, we will all become better communicators. I’m a massive advocate of Continued Professional Development.

The IC Kollectif is the most amazing global hub for information on Internal Communications, including research, interviews, case studies and so much more. If you work in Internal Comms and want to be the best that you can be, I highly recommend following the IC Kollectif and accessing the huge amount of information available. This is a unique and valuable resource for the global IC community. Big thanks to the IC Kollectif and all their hard work" 

Jonathan Champ

Founder and Chief Consultant Meaning Business, Australia

IC Kollectif has done an incredible job in 12 months of aggregating and curating diverse views and resources about internal communication globally. I admire the way the IC Kollectif spans the different internal communication tribes, being inclusive of difference practices worldwide.

Melissa Dodd

Nicholson School of Communication University of Central Florida Conference Director International Public Relations Research Conference IPRRC, US

It is really encouraging to see an organization dedicated to employee and organizational communication having such a great interest for communication research. We applaud their effort to help connecting research to practice. We are delighted that IC Kollectif joined us to help promote the 20th International Public Relations Research Conference. 

David Grossman

Founder & CEO, The Grossman Group, US

IC Kollectif is emerging as a go-to resource for practitioners in the Internal Comms space and serves as a wonderful collection of thought pieces on trends and perspectives in the industry. 

Claire Watson

Vice President, Strategic Communication Management, Cropley Communication, Canada

IC Kollectif, an essential resource quickly becoming THE go-to- source for all things IC. If you haven't checked out the website yet, please do so. It is remarkable to the point where I often think "Why didn't I think of that? Congratulations on your first anniversary! Given the amazing amount of information and talent you have gath- ered, it's hard to believe it's only been a year. Well done!

Alex Malouf

Corporate Communications and Reputation Manager - Arabian Peninsula, Procter & Gamble,United Arab Emirates

The IC Kollectif has focused attention globally on the superb work being done in the internal comms space. It's built a community of like-minded volunteers from around the world who are pushing us forward on issues relating to internal comms in a way that I haven't seen before. I'm thankful for the work that Lise and her team are doing, and I can't wait to see how the IC Kollectif builds on the success of its first year.  

Rand Lalaina, CPRP

Manager Communication Ambatovy Joint-Venture, Madagascar

One year of access to valuable resources, finding in one place the essentials you need on this business. One year of enriching discussions and interactions. Finally, you know where to go for anything about internal communication: IC Kollectif. 

Paul Barton, ABC

Principal Consultant, Paul Barton Communications LLC, US

IC Kollectif is a fountainhead of knowledge and resources for internal communications professionals around the world. I love the thought-leader insights and all those detailed resource lists! Thanks for all your hard work and for providing this platform! Keep up the great work.

Iliyana Hadjistoyanova


It has been fascinating watching IC Kollectif quickly grow and establish itself as a true force in the IC space this past year. You have been working really hard to strengthen the relationships between IC professionals from around the world and I find that renewed sense of community and shared thought work highly inspiring and reassuring. When IC Kollectif recommends a resource, I take out my pen and start taking notes because I know that the insights on their platform always help me stay ahead in the comms game. Thank you for your thought leadership! 

Lee Smith

Co-Founder, Gatehouse, UK

In the space of just one year, IC Kollectif has grown from the seed of an idea, into one of the must-visit destinations for anyone operating in the internal communication and employee engagement space. Timely, insightful and valua- ble insights and resources have ensured a strong following and, as a result, IC Kollectif is making great progress in its goal to galvanize the profession and connect forward-thinking practitioners globally. It’s fair to say that all of us at Gatehouse are members of the fan club! Keep up the great work.  

Jenn Moyer

Director of Operations, Institute for Public Relations, US

As an amazing resource for internal communications, the Institute for Public Relations looks forward to continuing our support of one another for many years to come! 

Adrian Cropley, ABC, Fellow RSA

CEO Cropley Communication, Australia

IC Kollectif, it is just brilliant the buzz you are creating around Internal Communication. You are truly a center of IC excellence. As a veteran of IC, I have never so felt con- nected and in touch as I do now. Thank you for the knowledge you are sharing with Internal Communication Professionals globally.  

Caroline Kealey

Owner, Ingenium Communications & Founder, Results Map, Canada

IC Kollectif site is looking great! A gold mine of resources.

Ewa Szpejna

Internal Communications Manager, Amazon, Poland

From LinkedIn: Professional website related to internal comms? Finally! Thank you! 

Elena Iacono

Senior Communications Partner, Telus, Canada

IC Kollectif loving your resource. Congrats!

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Mark Darby

Head of Internal Communications, United Arab Emirates

The e-book Disrupting the Function of IC - A Global Perspective, should be required reading for all IC professionals.  Don't work on a new project, plan or strategy until you have read what some of the sharpest minds in our industry have to say.



Toni Anne Uwaifo

Internal Communication & Employee Engagament Manager, Nigeria

IC Kollectif is a leading global organisation focused on Internal Communications.

Pamela Manda

Communication and PR Specialist, Cape Town, South Africa

Your resources have been invaluable to me as a corp coms practitioner - highly recommended reading for all practitioners. Looking forward to more insights this year. (Via Twitter)

Katja Werbrouck

Co-Founder, MoodFactory, Brussels

Disrupting the Function of IC: A Global Perspective is the best, complete recent insights you will find about internal communication. I really believe you’ve done an incredible job! I’m sharing your ebook to all my contacts and clients whenever I can.

Elina Harchenko

Head of PR unit at Rīga Stradiņš University, Latvia

IC Kollectif’s e-book “Disrupting the Function of IC: A Global Perspective” should be a must-read piece for everybody related to internal communications. For me its biggest value is creating a big picture of IC not only as it looks like today, but also how it will look like tomorrow.

Zora Artis