Award-Winning Study on Standards For IC

Lise Michaud The profession of internal communication (IC) got the attention of researchers and practitioners at the 20th International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), last week-end, in Orlando. The Institute of Public Relations (IPR) recognized the brilliant work of one of the top communication thought leaders, Sean Williams and his colleagues Julie O’Neil, Michele Ewing, and Stacey Smith with the Institute for Public Relations W. Ward White Awards for Top Two Papers of Practical Significance, for their Delphi Study to identify standards for internal communication. "Julie, Michele, Stacey and I are delighted, of course, that our colleagues appreciate our research. We look forw

DAY 3 | Connecting Public Relations Theory and Research to Practice IPRRC

Lise Michaud Researchers and practitioners will be discussing the last 24 papers to be presented at the 20th International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC), today, in Orlando. During the afternoon, an award recognition ceremony will celebrate the work behind twelve papers presented during the conference. The following research discussion paper abstracts will be presented today. Find the links to previous abstracts: presented March 10th and March 9th. You can follow the Conference on Twitter via hashtag #IPRRC, and on Facebook. Research Discussion Paper Abstracts, Saturday, March 11th “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Tell Me the Past, Present and the Future of All...” The Moral Imper

DAY 2 | International PR Research Conference

Lise Michaud The second day of the 20th International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) offers a rich agenda again with important topics of great interest to communication professionals at large and to internal communication professionals as well. We are particularly looking forward to the results of the Delphi study identifying standards for internal communication, also recognized by the Institute for Public Relations W. Ward White Awards for Top Two Papers of Practical Significance. As we did for the first day of the Conference, we gathered below the research discussion paper abstracts that will be discussed between researchers and practitioners today. You can follow the Confe

PR Researchers and Practitioners Meet at IPRRC

Lise Michaud The 20th annual meeting of the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) is taking place in Orlando until this Saturday. As Sean Williams, owner of Communication AMMO, explained in a recent interview, the IPRRC Conference is all about discussion, where reseachers and practitioners talk with each other. The Conference focuses entirely on public relations research from a variety of perspectives—theoretical, experimental, case study, survey, participant- observation, measurement, pedagogical, etc. “PR” is used here as inclusively as possible, therefore organizational, internal and employee communication are part of the agenda. Between Thursday, March 9 and Saturd

“Jo garajte hai woh baraste nahi.”

Stephen Welch I discovered this Hindi saying the other day and it struck me as relevant to internal communicators. Literally it means thunderclouds don’t produce rain. In English we would say something like “the bark is worse than the bite.” For years now, IC professionals have been barking and thundering that they should play a greater role in companies. This is probably true but the trick is to turn bark into bite and thunder into rain. Otherwise all those plaintive cries about the value of IC is all full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Now is the time for internal communicators to take ownership of their role as leaders and acquire more bite. Why? I think there are two main reasons